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Today we have Emily of the gorgeous Kansas City floral design company Emmy-Ray and blog Paper Muse Press. When I opened the photos of her home I was mesmerized! You can immediately tell she is a creative. Being from Kansas City I knew those prints were from Hammerpress because I've given the El Corazon print as a wedding gift before.

"I'm a floral designer for weddings and events so it's inevitable that I have leftover fresh flowers all the time (not a bad problem to have), and they usually land throughout the house. The white piece of coral is from my husband and I's recent trip to Grand Cayman Islands. I'm not big on buying souvenirs, but every time I look at the coral I can remember our vacation together. The gun is a slightly odd object, but it belonged to my husband's great grandfather. It's not in working condition, so I thought it would make a cool addition to the decor, and when guests come over they're always curious to hear the story behind it."
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"Because the mantel is one of the very first things guest see when they enter our home, so I try to keep it decorated with interesting things. Almost every object has a story or personal meaning. I also decided early this year to paint it with chalkboard paint. I am constantly wanting to change up my decor, so the chalkboard offers me the option of changing up the whole look of the wall on a whim."

"I absolutely love Hammerpress, a local letterpress design shop in the Crossroads Arts District of Kansas City, so I snagged a few of their prints based on Mexican LoterĂ­a cards, and framed them. The books are Children's Encyclopedia's that belonged to my dad when he was growing up. I have a huge collection of milk glass, and the candy dish is one of my favorite pieces. Inside I keep all different colors of chalk, and when we have parties we clear of the mantel and let guest doodle on the chalkboard wall."

"Unfortunately our fireplace is non-functional right now, it needs a lot of repair and cleaning. However it's a great spot for displaying my collection of vintage apothecary jars with white lights inside. The largest one was a wedding gift from my husband. Also in the fireplace is a ceramic owl that belonged to my grandmother. She had a huge collection of owl figurines when I was growing up, so I wanted to keep one to remind me of her old house where I spent most of my summers. "

All photos taken by Emily Walters

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C.Flower said...

Hey, I have that heart print!!! :)

Sara said...

The fireplace looks so nice lit up! And I love your floral chalk art - very good - I would never be able to erase it!

thrillofthechaise.com said...

Loving the design of this place. Thanks for sharing!



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