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Now that I finally have an iPhone, (I'm pretty obsessed with it) I'm constantly looking for iPhone cases. Feeling like I need to change it up already. Here are six cool iPhone cases (a little girlier than normal for me) I'm liking right now.

Clockwise: DANNIJO Tate / Washi Pattern by PAPERFASHION / Cheetah / HeartsLips / Love is Life

Which is your favorite? What case do you have?


simplyepalf said...

That's why having an iPhone is great! You get to accessorize it! My case is practically falling apart and it looks like I'm due for another. Love the last DVF one.

Julia - the Urban Slant said...

Love these options! I just got a monogrammed one from Etsy, but am crushing on that RM one.

Raiana S @ lifeSTYLE said...

Oh my gosh I LOVE that washi tape one! Thanks :D
I have had my iPhone for months now, and still no case... so shameful


Erica said...

Love these covers! I went crazy when I got my iPhone too. I have a leopard one similar to the top right... but I think I need the lips one and the hearts. Decisions, decisions! :)

Al said...

I had that RM leopard case for approximately 16 hours before the print starting cracking and flaking. I don't recommend it.

The DVF ones are super cute.

meghan said...

I saw the DANNIJO one at anthro and was smitten instantly. I just wish it was a little less expensive.

Maria at inredningsvis.se said...

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