WEEK IN REVIEW: Live Lightly + NYC Trip

When you pack lightly you live lightly. 
Diane von Furstenberg

That DVF, she literally speaks in inspirational quotes. I got to see her in person at LuckyFABB last year, and I couldn't write down what she was saying fast enough! Definitely a wise woman. I made a quick trip up to NYC this week and shocking only took 3 bags for 36 hours (overnight bag, laptop bag, and my purse). If I can't live in NYC I'm glad that I live pretty close. It's times like that where I realize I need an iPad.

However, my bus... let's just say that it was pouring rain, and while I was in the dark bathroom on the bus trying just to steady myself, there must have been a leak in the roof because it was literally raining on me as I tried to keep steady. It's already bad enough I had to pee while on the dang bus, but then for it to be literally raining on me, and (men stop reading now) another fun surprise decided to make it's monthly debut. Seriously. I'll spare you any more details but you can't make this shit up.

More fun after the break.


While in NYC I met up with my girl Roxy who started Society Social. A few drinks later we're out on the street trying to hail cabs looking all lively crazy. Or maybe that was just me. 

Roxy has on the Roxy necklace. I'm wearing these leggings, and this tank. The wedges are from Nordstrom Rack — an amazing find during the winter I might add.

Had a delightful lunch with Jessie in Hoboken.

Isn't Elysian Cafe so cute! I was gulping water as it was a hot mother.
Photo by Jessie Artigue


Found some gorgeous vintage jewels. 
(A My City with Jessie will be coming up with all the details!)

Discovered my secret source for mudcloth in DC.


A little scribbling with neon colored pencils.

Did several posts on M+M (here, here) and the Washingtonian about Artomatic.

This is actually my sister's photo, my niece is too dang cute and I had to share.
Photo by Erin Wear

Photos by Meg Biram except where noted


Donna in Potomac said...

Could you have worn a more appropriate outfit for your monthly debut?? Leggings look like serious wetsuit material to me. hehe

You find the best cafes!

Naomi@DesignManifest said...

You and Roxy are too cute. Glad you survived the err bus incident.

Miya @ Design Indulgences said...

Man, today wasn't the day for me but reading this and giggling made some of it better. Thanks for the laughs

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