LINK LOVE: Yellowstone + Skirts

You know those items that you are kicking yourself for not purchasing? This DVF skirt from last year that Helena of Brooklyn Blonde is wearing is one of those items for me. 

USE YOUR INFLUENCE FOR GOOD: Have you heard of The Mission List yet? Introduced to me by Sarah of Blogstar and Maggie of Mighty Girl, it's an amazing platform for using your online influence into something good. Go check it out and let's all go help other people.

WEDDING: The COOLEST wedding site EVER. Ever ever.

YELLOWSTONE: I was dying over Alicia's pics from Yellowstone.

DINOSAURS & BEAUTY: The Glamourai did a fantastic job on styling these photos.

CLIENT COMMUNICATION: A great way to keep your email & client communication from getting crazy, thanks to Cassie of The Veda House.

SUMMER TREAT: Mmmmm, I want one of these frozen treats every day.

DIY: This is a great (and very easy) DIY for a String Wrapped Belt by Stefanie of The Style Safari.

INSTAGRAM: My favorite instagrams lately: the Olsen twins, I'm obsessed with giant pretzels and cheese (especially if there's a big beer too), a gorgeous invitation, a super cute little gal, and remember these?!?

SHOP: I really want to get one of these lacy bandeau bras.

PHILADELPHIA: I'll be there July 10th giving a BLOG BIZ BUZZ Seminar. If you are a blogger, business owner, or someone trying to learn about social media, online brand and presence, and marketing I hope you see you there!

GREAT GATSBY: Ahhhh! Trying to find the source for this image! Found the sweatshirt online, but not where this image came from, anyone know?

DC: I've set a date for another BLOG BIZ BUZZ in DC... July 30th! 

12 EDGY SUMMER PICKS: See mine over on the Washingtonian.

Image via Brooklyn Blonde


Georgina said...

That skirt it amazinggggggg

preppylove said...

Wow I LOVE that DVF skirt! Gorgeous!!


Azrakun said...

Yes, the skirt is great!


Alissa Kelly said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that skirt!!!! And so glad to hear you're doing another DC BBB seminar!!! Is it weird if I go again?? lol

S.O. said...


I've been reading your blog for ages now (however just started my own). Had no idea you were a Mizzou grad! GO TIGERS! I studied Strat Comm in the J-School and graduated in 2010. Just had to say hi :) first time commenting, but expect more from me soon!

Alexa said...

That wedding website is amazing. Wow, just gorgeous.

stefanie said...

Thanks for including me in your round-up! I'm so glad you liked that belt DIY!

Have a great week!

Aspiring Kennedy said...

LOVE the Great Gatsby sweatshirt! Perfect for ex-pat author lovers and those people reminiscing their high school summer reading.

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