SUMMER FASHION // Flat Sandals

I wear my flat sandals constantly. I can't remember the last time I wore heels. I almost always wear wedges and flats for me during the summer, especially around DC. Now that we are half way through the summer (noooooo!!! — summer is my favorite season) my flats are looking a little worn, so it's time to add a few more pairs to the mix for the second half of sandal season.

Which do you like best? 
P.S. Most of these are affordable.

1. Margot Rubber Gladiator Sandals / 2. Peppin Snakeskin and Suede Flats / 3. Saahti Tan and Pink Sandals / 4. Ayden Flats / 5. Agopos Sandals / 6. Infinity T-Strap Sandals / 7. Freida Flats / 8. Whipstitch detail flat / 9. Figaro Flats / 10. Florida Studded Sandals / 11. Farewell Flats


Sam [The Peak of Tres Chic] said...

I'm just like you- I wear my sandals and wedges exclusively throughout the summer months. I love that rubber pair- perfect for rainy days but still so chic!

A Bit of Sass said...

I love flats (sandals, ballets, etc) and wear them all the time. All cute, I think I love #8 as well!
Chelsea, www.abitofsass.blogspot.com

Ms. Cathy said...

Ohh that hint of pink sandals is the ONE for me! I love flat sandals because it adds more elegance than any old regular pair of flip flops but also goes well with most anything!!

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Guest Post at Dishes Undressed

See ya!!

Fashion-isha said...

I love number 11!!

Azrakun said...

5 & 6 would be my choices... they are all so lovely and look so comfy thought..

I wish I would be abit taller so I could easily pull them off...


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