WEEK IN REVIEW // Glitter Mani

What do you think of my glitter & nude mani from this week? I'm still rocking it now.
Essie Jazz / Essie Set in Stones

More fun from this week after the jump.

I shot a #mycity this week, and there was shopping involved (shocker!). 
No, not on my part, but the girl I was shooting bought this dress & necklace. 
Might have to get that necklace myself... details to come.

A great little staying for when you need to change it up. I feel like some of the best work comes from when you aren't necessarily using a medium that you are comfortable with. Like on Project Runway when they have to make a dress out of stuff from a pet store. Hello bird seed dress! I have a thing for Pilot pens, Sharpies, acrylic paint, and watercolor. Maybe I should get out of my box a little and try some charcoal, or pastels. I'm going to start working on some collage pieces, and I also bought some fun studs and things to include in my artwork. Should be fun!

This beauty. The leather, not the rug. I already gushed over my vintage rug from Furbish. But the jacket... I've been wanting one of these for as long as I can remember, but was never able to bite the bullet. This is the Marsden Leather Jacket from AllSaints, lemmetellya, I promise it is worth. every. penny. I'm sure I'll have this thing for YEARS! FYI, the arms are snug, so probably get a size or two up. I am very particular about how I keep my clothing. I'm not hard on it, I take very good care of it so most of my stuff is in amazing condition. See for yourself here.

I always love finding places in DC that I've never seen before. Enter Kalorama.
This city has some beautiful architecture.

A quick little outfit shot. It's been scorching hot here — like I actually have to get in the pool hot. So anything that actually touches your skin will turn to wet the second you go outside. I'm not complaining though, I love the heat, and I love summer. (The top is old from a local boutique.)

So maybe I don't want fall to arrive quite yet, but I do love fall magazines, fall fashion, and fall nail polish!

Diggin the prongs on this giant Allison Daniel ring.

Bloggers, business owners, online shop owners, and anyone trying to learn about online branding, marketing, social media, and how to get your product or business out there, I'm giving a seminar in DC July 30th, and one in NYC August 6th (as of now are still a limited number of discounted tickets available for NYC). If you are wondering what these seminars are all about and if it will benefit you, I'll just let those who have came tell you about them:

I was lucky enough to attend Meg's Blog Biz Buzz event in DC and I can't say enough good things!  I've been blogging for a few years on and off and Meg's advice was just the kick in the butt that I needed to give my blog all I've got.  She truly is the go-to with amazing advice on growing your blog and using social media to your advantage.  I would recommend this event to everyone! If you get a chance to attend don't miss it!
— Natalie H.

My experience at Blog Biz + Buzz was amazing. I learned so much more about the exploding social media scene and how important it is for building any blog or brand. I consider it a great investment in progressing my blog and I'm very glad I attended. Megan is so sweet, an expert at what she does, and was a huge help. I wish the seminar was longer — I could've stayed for hours! 
— Alissa K.

You can read more from others here.

I love helping people learn and truly love giving these seminars and teaching people the things I have spent countless hours over the years learning. It makes me so happy to see light bulbs going off around the room. Also, if you'd like to be a sponsor for a #blogbizbuzz seminar, please email me at mimiandmeg@gmail.com for consideration. I am also thinking of coming to Texas for a little Texan #blogbizbuzz tour... anyone up for that?


m.r.brooks said...

Yes, come to Dallas!

I used to live in DC and felt the same way when I discovered something beautiful I had never seen before. I remember the first time I walked through Dupont and looked at all of the embassies. DC architecture is so incredible!

thrillofthechaise.com said...

Love ALL these pictures! Want all of it.



Pink and Green Moms said...

Love the mani!

Davina said...

I love the nail polish combo!
whats the name of the nude color?

hotelsdesignmonde said...

I love ESSIE ♥
Is it 'Brooch the subjet' the colour of your nude Essie? if not, could you tell us the colour please? tkx a lot ;)

Nat said...

I love the nude and glitter mani- I need to try that this week! That top is so cute. I love Kalorama, it's one of my favorite parts of DC.
PS- good luck with your upcoming BlogBizBuzz!

Jen of MadeByGirl said...

cute manicure..my assistant had this with hot pink today!


ashley cooper said...

Cute! I like those nail colors. I think that's the best glitter nail polish I've seen. Thanks for sharing!
-Ashley Cooper


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