WEEK IN REVIEW: Meditation + Windshields

It's ok to hate me for my new rug from Furbish. It's one of my most favorite things I own.  I've been looking for the perfect colorful-but-not-too-bright rug for years, and here it is. The wait was worth it.
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So a tree went through my windshield. DC got some crazy storms last Friday night and the Mr. and I came out to this on Saturday morning. But there was a lot worse. Some cars had huge trees completely on them and we didn't lost power at all unlike 4 million others in the DC area.

On the 4th, the Mr. and I went on a 12-mile bike ride. They close off a lot of the streets by the mall in DC so you can ride around without any cars. My butt is still a little sore from that ride. I'm getting really into biking, so if anyone in this area has good riding suggestions, please tell me!

Is this card not hilarious!?! I saw this new line of Frank & Funny cards at The Stationery Show. I actually have tried meditation, and I do believe in the benefits of it and that it helps some people, I however felt exactly like this card.

Some of my family members have been in town (and still are), so if you haven't seen me on twitter or anywhere lately, that's why. I like to be in the moment and enjoy when I am spending time with my family and friends that I now live across the country from. We went to 2Amys last night. Yummmm

The National Cathedral in DC is stunning. Takes my breath away constantly. It's so much bigger than you think it's going to be until you get right up next to it, and then you feel like an ant.

Lisa Curran sent me some of their gorgeous products to try out. I've been living in them at the pool ever since. It was time for a new coverup.  If you are curious, the quality is amazing.

So when I go to museums, I love spending lots of time in the museum shops, and I often buy cards there, which I like to frame, like this Alexander Girard LOVE card I got at the MoMA and recently framed.

Have a wonderful weekend and try to stay cool!


Heidi said...

Oh, I love that rug. I've been looking for something colorful for years. Why is it so hard to find exactly the right one?? Nice work, it's lovely!

preppylove said...

Aww your poor car! I'm glad you didn't lose power though!!

And I love your swimsuit cover up!!


hollyfoxenwells { threelayercake.blogspot.com } said...

OMG I seriously LOVE that bathing suit! Sorry about your windshield! What a major bummer!

holly foxen wells

Donna in Potomac said...

Without meditation YOU might have gone into an aerial tailspin just at the sight of a glass-shattering tree sitting in your car. You weren't in the car, and I only lost power for 36 hours...we how so much to be thankful for :)

Lala said...

Lots of new fabulous rugs in your life lately. I'm so envious. The perfect rug is so hard to find!

Ms. Cathy said...

That is honestly how I feel about meditation as well!! Lol! I understand the benefits but just feel so restless when I actually sit down and do it.

Glad to see you are okay despite the crazy tree in your car!

Cathy Trails

R. K. Bin said...

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Whitney Catarella said...

LOOOOOOOVE the rug! I have been looking for this exact rug for years! haha Unfortunately I caved and bought something else. congrats to you! hehe LOVE it! It has the perfect bright but not so bright color palette! <3

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