WEEKLY FAVES // 2012 London Olympics

The 2012 London Olympics are here! So I feel like it's only natural for this week's Weekly Faves to be inspired by the Olympic Rings.

I must admit, I'm an Olympic fanatic. Not in the really crazy way, but in the watch-every-TV-special-about-the-athletes way, and the no-I-can't-go-to-that-event-because-gymnastics-is-on way, and the yes-that's-a-tear-when-Michael-Phelps-wins way. I'm really hoping to be able to go to the Summer Olympics in Rio in 2016 — just putting that out there. Next week there will be an Olympic-inspired post each day! I've rounded up closed-toe pumps for each color of the Olympic Rings.



noirohio vintage said...

Love this post! Those Madewell Film Noir pump are one of my all time favies! Such great construction.

Pris said...

I'm an Olympics fanatic, too! In that really crazy way. In 1996, I covered one entire wall of my bedroom in pictures of the gymnastics team as well as few swimmers and runners sprinkled in there. I am sooo excited for the gymnastics team this year!

Kelly | Fabulous K said...

Love this! I'm so excite about the Olympics--I even downloaded the NBC Olympics App. :)

Santi said...

lovely post :D

Kecia said...

This is super cute!



gina mancuso said...

Love!!! LoveThatFit has Olympic fever too!!

gina mancuso said...

LOVE!!! LoveThatFit has Olympic fever too, love waking up every morning and turning it on! Wish they had more coverage of my old profession, Show Jumping!

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