You may have gathered through my social media outlets that I'm in the process of a redesign. In this redesign I'll be changing my site a lot... including my URL (cue scared face here). But don't worry, all the goodness of MIMI+MEG won't be going anywhere. Transitioning into a new URL for a blogger can be pretty really scary. Will my content move over properly? Should I just start over? Will I lose all of my comments? Will my site just completely crash? Will it disappear into space?

I also hate to inconvenience you all by asking you to update your feeds, Bloglovin, etc. when the redesign launches, but I will have to. Even though I'll have the current MIMI+MEG redirected, and my twitter @megbiram, Instagram, and Pinterest will remain the same, Facebook however is another story.

Facebook as much as I love them makes this process incredibly difficult. If you have over 200 Facebook likes on your fan page, you cannot change your name without requesting it — which they deny over 50% of requests (according to things I've read). So instead of maybe getting my page approved to have the name changed I just thought I'd start rebuilding it now (I also doubt that would be a swift process). My  new page will simply be Meg Biram, and you can find it HERE. I'd love it if you'd follow me there. I will eventually stop posting on the Mimi & Meg Facebook page and will delete it, but for now, if you'd help me by switching over, I'd be grateful!

I'll be giving updates of the redesign through my social media, and sneak peeks through my newsletter — which you can sign up for HERE if you'd like.

Since we're on the subject of my redesign, I've got some questions for you. There's only 10 quick questions in this survey, and I will be sending you a Thank You for taking it.
Take it HERE.

***Update, the survey is now closed. Thank you so much!

Huge thanks to Casie of Whipped Style for taking the photo of me above!


Lexi said...

Just filled out the survey!

And I too have been like a crazy woman trying to merge and re-brand Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest accounts. Unfortunately, Facebook is by far the biggest pain. Good luck and let me know if I can help you in any way!
♡ Lexi @ Glitter, Inc.

rita TOMORROWtoday said...

good luck with your transition!

Kristin B said...

Best wishes with the blog redesign and transition. Looking forward to seeing the new web digs. ;)
x K

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