COLLABORATION // Elva Fields — Gem Necklace

I mentioned earlier this week that I had two jewelry collaborations that both happened come out this week — yay for jewelry! This collaboration with Elva Fields was a blast. Elva Fields, known for their ladylike necklaces, asked me to be part of their Leading Lady Collection, and I was excited/flattered to be a part of it! Knowing my style is little out of their feminine box, I thought it would be a fun challenge for both of us.

I think challenging yourself outside of your normal box of tricks is one of the best ways to discover other talents you never realized you had. Maybe that's why I love Project Runway and Work of Art. Did I ever mention that when I was in NYC earlier this year, I ran into Kymia (Season 2 winner) and non-stalker-like introduced myself. She was super sweet and we talked about the show and how it affected her afterward. She had her paint jeans on and was headed to her studio. Oh NYC you just never know who you'll run into.

Can we talk about this moodboard for a second... I honestly had so much fun putting it together. Usually when I choose items for roundups on my blog, I really consider the relation  between the items, and am somewhat of a perfectionist about the color — definitely to the detriment of me being an efficient blogger. But for the purpose of getting a feel/style/mood across I wasn't as worried about it for this moodboard, and I think those unexpected colors, and the non-necessarily-perfectly-going-togetherness of it is what I love. I think I'm going to start doing more of that around here. What do you think?

Moodboard (clockwise-ish): sweater / spike necklace / mudcloth / pyramid lapis ring / patterned blouse / lumiere chandelier / ikat scarf / wedge bootie / turquoise cuff / snakeskin blouse / collage / pillow / pyramids / multi-stone cuff / horn cowhide stool / 3.1 phillip lim satchel

I wanted to get across my edgy style that includes texture and unexpected elements. Being the Leading Lady during the transition into fall, I chose colors accordingly and also inspired by some of the trends this fall. I'm obsessed with my own moodboard people.

I was excited to see what the gals over at Elva Fields came up with. Lemmetellya, working with them was a breeze. They were so easy, understanding, and interpreted my aesthetic right on. See the process on their blog here.

The final product ended up being this cool edgy/global necklace — exactly what I wanted. You can see the Elva and the Meg in this necklace, don't you think? And they came up with the perfect name — GEM (MEG backwards!). Genius!

I styled the Gem Necklace with a simple summer look — a loose black top (old, similar), olive skirt (old, similar), and simple tan and black heels (old, similar) to give the necklace center stage. A necklace like that deserves a blank canvas.

Huge thanks to Elva Fields for having me as their August Leading Lady. It was such a pleasure!


Roxy said...

so so good!! Love that series :) nice and edgy..just like you!

Pris said...

That necklace is really great and looks great on you! The necklace is edgy enough to stand out but not so edgy that it looks silly. Great job!

Grace - Stripes and Sequins said...

This is awesome, Meg! Congrats - and that necklace is stunning!! xo

theglossarie.com said...

it's gorgeous! and i love, love that photo of you.

David Parker said...

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Chelsea Costa said...

Hey, I have that pink pillow on my couch! Love this whole post, and the piece you came up with! You look totally ready for some fall street fairs or farmer's markets. Good on ya!

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