STATE OF THE MEG // What are your habits?

I'm going to to do a little project.  I'd love for you to participate in the comments if you'd like to. There will be a follow-up post to come.

What are your habits? Daily and/or weekly.
What do you do almost every day or at least twice a week? Be honest.
Do you really go to the gym once a week? What do you actually eat consistently?
Whatever you list, make sure it's been your habits during the past month or two.

See mine after the jump.

My daily/weekly habits (besides things like showering, laundry, taking my contacts in and out, etc.):
1. Get up between 6:30 and 7:30 a.m. Either when my husband does or right after he leaves for work.
2. Drink coffee and eat toast.
3. Work. Blog work, check email, other freelance work, social media — twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and anything work/blog related.
4. Go for a bike ride or a long walk. Usually to get groceries, or run some sort of errand — post office, bank, etc.
5. Read books and magazines. (I read a book usually for an hour or so before I fall asleep, and I read magazines at the pool)
6. Go to the pool. This is obviously seasonal, but it is how I relax and attempt to keep my magazine stack in check and get some Vitamin D! Sometimes I bring a notebook and concept ideas or plan things out. I also use this time to catch up and do some social media.
7. Watch a little TV. The TV tends to be on a lot, but I'm usually on my computer, and I will look up to watch the news, some of the Olympics, and Project Runway — otherwise not a huge TV watcher.
8. Meet up with friends. Usually this is at some sort of event, and usually it's in Georgetown (I live close to Georgetown so I tend to go to the events there).
9. Beauty Routine. I always wash my face at night, and lather on some One Love Organics Love Springs Eternal, and I use my Clarisonic (worth every penny) about every other day. Paint my nails once a week.
10. Fix Meals. I'm trying to enjoy cooking...
11. Eat some form of bread and cheese. Whether it's a quesadilla or pizza, I love it and eat this combo constantly.

What do I wish was on this list but isn't (because I don't do it 2+ times a week consistently):
1. Go to yoga
2. Go on 5+ mile bike rides & do more outside activities. Get my Misty May on, ya know. Any DCers play sand volleyball and can I come?
3. Paint
4. Play the piano — I don't have a piano, but I want one. So this one will depend on the piano factor.
5. Do something new each week — Try a new restaurant, hike a new trail, check out a new museum, etc. I do this about every other week, but I want it to be something that I do a lot more often.

These are a bit of a stretch but still:
6. See my niece, nephew, family & good friends (they live 1,000 miles away). Can I get a private jet up in here? Obviously geography plays the main factor in this, and it's not possible to happen weekly, but every other month would be ideal. We do Skype and Facetime frequently though.
7. Go to the beach. Again, a geography issue. I used to live in Florida, and I went to the beach religiously. Usually twice a week. It was such a relaxing place for me to read and think. I got a lot of good ideas at the beach — but the pool will have to suffice.

Goal: Change habits to include more on my second list!

If you'd like to participate in this, I'd love for you to leave your current habits and what you wish was a consistent habit in the comments. We'll talk about it again soon.

And just for fun — please tell me you've been to the site someecards? It's hilarious! There is a perfect sarcastic e-card for just about anything on this site. The following went with the subject matter today:


Colour Bloc said...

1. Wake up around 7:30 / 8 am
1.5. Make the bed
2. Work for blog / email
3. Do work for freelance design
4. Go through blogs I follow
5. Take a work out class
6. Clean up around the house
7. Lunch / dinner with friends
8. Dinner date with boyfriend
9. Read magazines
10. Instagram

1. Ate breakfast.
2. Put sunscreen on DAILY.
3. Spent time on my own art.
4. Read more books.
5. Cooked more.
6. Grocery shopped more.
7. Tweet more.

Bradley said...

1. Wake up between 5:30 - 6:00 am
2. Turn on the morning news
3. Brush teeth/wash face
4. Make my bed
5. Drink a glass of orange (this is probably not a good idea everyday, but I do it anyway)
6. Check e-mail, rewardStyle, twitter, Shopbop
7. Head to the gym
8. Shower
9. Head to the office or my home office (depending on the day)
10. Check other blogs
11. Lunch
12. Break at 3:00 (watch a show, run an errand)
13. Dinner at 7:00
14. Catch up on my DVR

Wish I did:
1. Eat a healthier breakfast besides cereal
2. Read the paper every single day
3. Cooked more meals
4. Go on a run rather than my 35 minute leisurely walk on the treadmill
5. Wrote in a journal more often

Julianna Morlet said...

Drink a grande iced coffee (2 pumps sugarfree Vanilla with 1/2 & 1/2).

Kiss my husband every morning (or at least 3X a week).

Forget at least 3 things on my to-do list.

Meredith said...

1. Wake up, drink coffee, eat breakfast with the hubs and tell him to have a great day!
2. Computer time - blog, pinterest, read blogs
3. Tidy the house. (I could do this more.)
4. Gchat with friends
5. eat dinner and watch tv with the hubs.

Wish I did:
1. Work out 5x a week. I'm pregnant and this week I've started walking. Two days in a row and hopefully I can keep it up.
2. Cooking. I cook about 1-2 times a week. Need to make this a habbit.
3. Organize. I have so many "projects" to be done now I just need to do!

Miya @ Design Indulgences said...

FUN! in no order...

daily habits:

1 read blogs & news sites
2 blog (only skipping 1 or 2 at most days a week)
3 email friends thru out work day as we countdown our shifts end
4 drink water...lots
5 play with my feline kid & change litter box
6 obviously hygiene stuff
7 spray perfume on me before bed...strange I know.
8 #indulgedaily It's a blog post I try to do daily but it has meaning. I want to make time for at least SOMETHING I enjoy regardless of how busy I am or how small that THING is.
9 read magazines (my beautician gives them to me & I read them on lunch, after work, before bed, while watching tv, lug them to my cousin's house, wherever...
10 write a to-do & reminder lists
11 cook (majority of the days out the week)
12 eat breakfast
13 cut out inspiration from said magazines
14 enjoying the weather (provided it's enjoyable)

Weekly Habits:
1 paste inspiration from cut outs of said magazines on paper (color coordinated...please dont judge, something I've done since middle school & I'll be 30 next month).

2 see family & niece & god daughter (sometimes more than once)

3 go to the lake (also more than once, we've been blessed with a hot summer in milwaukee so I been there a lot this year. chillin in the whip or with ppl hanging out).

4 watching dvr'd shows as my dvr usually stays somewhere btwn 85-99% full.

5 sit ups (it needs to be more routine and its usually a few days of the week)

What I Wish...
exercise in the morning...
see loved ones more...
have drinks more :-)...
(more money) to shop more...
time to learn photoshop etc...
time to start back drawing...
doing something new (i DO it monthly).

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