WEEK IN REVIEW: Magazines + Washi Tape


Since middle school, I've been a magazine girl (remember Bop?). I always have lots of magazines arriving in the mail (I subscribe to around 12 — only abour $150 per year!). And honestly, anytime I get the mail and there isn't a magazine in there (or a check) I wonder why I even bothered getting the mail. 

You would have thought it was planned for me to go to Journalism school at arguably the best J-School in the nation — MIZZOU. But I mostly just went there because my parents both went there and really wanted me too. I knew my cousins would end up there, I knew a ton of people going there, etc. I had a great experience, but secretly wanted to go to New York or California. I ended up in the magazine sequence (no shocker there) after two years of bouncing around majors — Art, Spanish, International Business (what was I thinking?). But don't let my J-School cred fool you — I'm not a grammar nazi as I'm sure you've observed.

Anyway, every time we move I have to do a big magazine purge because the Mr. freaks a little if he sees me packing up magazines for him to carry around. I'm not moving but lately my stack has gotten a little out of control, so I decided to organize it and start the purging process. Really I just restacked them in an organized stack, and will hopefully go through them soon. That's the goal anyway.

I have a few "hoarder" tendencies (as the Mr. would say) when it comes to my magazine tear sheets. With the invention of Pinterest, I've realized that I can probably toss most of them, but I'll have to go back through them all (cue hoarding clip). It would be a miracle if I could just toss them without looking at each one but like a hoarder I just have to glance at them — what if there's a color palette on a dress I want to refer to!?! But I swear I go through them super fast. I cringe a little when I catch clips of the Hoarders show and they are going through their stuff, because other than magazine tear sheets I'm a total purger.

More photos from the week after the jump.

Since I'm a huge fan of relaxing by the pool, having a few bikinis is necessary. Somehow I got down to one bandeau bikini, but it unfortunately is too tight on top — which is shocking because I have the smallest "area" up there if you know what I mean (FYI, XS is really extra small in the VS bandeau tops). Anyway, I got poison ivy on the back of my neck for the second time (have no idea how and am literally washing everything that graces my neck!) and was unable to wear my normal bikinis that tie around the neck for a few weeks and I just couldn't stand the tightness from my current bandeau top anymore, so it was time to get a new bandeau bikini. Luckily, it's the end of the summer and most swimwear is on sale. So I picked up this fun bikini, and I'm obsessed with it!

Last weekend I had a "painting party" (what my Mr. was calling it) with my friend Casie. I ended up with some really fun pieces, like this one — Felicity. News to me, but Felicity is a synonym for joy, which is why I picked it as the name for this painting.

Why it has taken me this long to pick up some washi tape is beyond me because, well it rocks. I started with lots of stripes, neon pink, gold, black, and silver... pretty much don't regret that. Got mine from Pretty Tape. Do you have a good source for washi tape? Leave a link to it in the comments if you do. I went into multiple shops in Georgetown looking for it in person, and none of them carried it. Their loss.

This is one of my go-to outfits this summer. I have a few outfits that I can put on quickly without thinking too much. I know they work, I know I like them, and I can run out the door. 

SHOES Jessica Simpson (old, similar) / TOP Anthropologie (old) / WATCH / JEANS (old, similar) / RINGS CatBird / BRACELET skulls / BRACELET braided / BRACELET gold

In the spirit of trying new things, I went to dinner by myself for the first time. I've never done that before at an actual dinner restaurant, especially on a Saturday night. The Mr. was out with friends, and nothing in my pantry was looking appetizing, so I thought I'd get out and enjoy the lovely weather. I started a new book on my Kindle (love mine, perfect for reading in bed) and watched the sun go down. It was lovely.

Had a blast at the most recent BLOG BIZ BUZZ in DC last Monday. Thanks again to my amazing sponsors (clockwise): Pie Sisters, Mane Message, SpaceCraft, Swell Caroline, and Stephanie Johnson.


Ms. Cathy said...

I'm jealous of your magazine collection! That would be a perfect addition to my cardio workouts lol. A very cute bandeau bikini indeed but not sure if I have the guts to try that..always paranoid of something popping out! Props to you going out dinner alone..isn't it liberating?? :)

Cathy Trails

Jen said...

Fifteen/Eleven (the cutest stationary store on King Street in Alexandria) often has some and the store is great, definitely worth a stop!

Ashley Aspinwall said...

I didn't realize you went to Mizzou! I'm in my fifth year there now. I started out as Journalism, but decided I would be better suited for Textiles and Apparel Management (I grammar nazi I am not haha). It's always excited to find out about note worthy alumni-gives me a light at the end of the tunnle :)

xo SideSmile,
SideSmile Style Blog

Purple Paparazzi said...

OMG....When I read your magazine confession, I literally thought that I had written it...when there's no magazine inside the mailbox, I sometimes slam my mailbox shut not even retrieving the mail inside....I laughed at your hoarder confessions...I totally cop to that too...I CANNOT just toss them either, I have to do a quick skim thru...my tear sheets are all in folders and dividers by category...it's quite ridiculous....not sure how bad yours is....I think I'm at 500+, spread between my house and my parents basement just to hide from my BF...terrible I know but I always say I NEED THEM....ITS RESEARCH!!! Yea whatever, I'm a magazine hoarder!!! Someone call intervention....SO happy to read I am NOT alone!

xoxo Amber/Purple Paparazzi

domestikatedlife.com said...

I love cute tape for washi - they sell adorable dispensers to hold them too!

Linden said...

I went to Mizzou for magazine journalism as well, and I have the exact same hoarding problem! I just can't seem to get rid of any of them, even some I've had since high school.

Kristine G. said...

Oh my gosh, I, too, am a HUGE magazine freak. Like, my room is packed with stacks of them. I don't what it is, but seeing a new issue for the first time in stores or in the mail just makes me so happy. Glad to know I'm not the only one out there! :)

KWordsworth said...

Love this post... I too am a fan of paper and tape : all things color and pattern.

More importantly I love your rug underneath all the bound goodness. Where did you retrieve such a gem?

Looking forward to keeping up with you!

xo - Krys

Meg Biram said...

@Krys The rug is from Furbish Studio!

longlegsrule said...

I'm in love with http://http://www.wishywashi.com/ for getting washi tape!

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