Ahhhh, weekend mornings. Coffee, magazines, and my sketchbook.
This week I got a lot of my September issues in! So excited!!!

More from this week after the jump.

I did a video with local jewelry designer Jenny of KOLTON.J
I wore the Kami necklace (above) for the shoot, and didn't want to take it off!
P.S. She's about to blow up!

I just received my MB initial necklace thanks to Maya Brenner Designs.
I. Love. It. It's perfectly dainty yet modern at the same time.
I will be wearing this non-stop.

The KOLTON.J video shoot was done in Jenny's gorgeous loft.

A special thanks to the BLOG BIZ BUZZ NYC sponsors!
(clockwise above)

**Now there are dates available in DALLAS, AUSTIN, and HOUSTON!**
The first 10 people to sign up for each city before August 31st get the early bird price!

I've decided to do the #sweetspot column on social media. 
I think it will be easier for people to participate it that way, so if you want to take pics of your favorite
"sweet spots" in your house, tweet/instagram them & tag me @megbiram with #sweetspot
I'd love to see them! This is one of mine (above).

A great pairing from the KOLTON.J shoot.

As a slight germophob, the cleanliness of my electronics is something that is constantly on my mind. 
I also take public transit a lot, and am constantly washing my hands 
(I'm not a fan of those antibacterial gels) 
so this new product from Well-Kept is perfect for me! 
I'm so excited to give it a try. Perfect for those long days you are on the go around town.


Azrakun said...

You look stunning. And all this jewelry! wow... I might order one of the bracelets from Kolton.J


While I'm away said...

I love the initial necklace. Perfect!

Taryn said...

I love Vogue! Cute picture.


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