Had do to come coveteur action on the KOLTON.J Kami Necklace at the shoot last week.

Hibiscus just waiting for the champagne. Delish!
More from my little Early Mountain Vineyards trip below.

Casie and I did a little photoshoot. This one is one of my faves from the bunch.

Girl tools.

I'm testing out this Lo & Sons bag (gifted) and I must say, it lives up to what everyone has said about it. I got the O.G. bag in Army Green. Definitely great for traveling. I absolutely love the shoe pocket on the side. I'm constantly throwing my shoes in my purse, and I think it's actually pretty gross to do that, so this is such a great solution — a sole shoe pocket. And if you aren't using it, you just fold it up on the inside of the bag and snap into place so it doesn't get in the way of your other stuff. I was also surprised that it fits my 15" Macbook. It also comes with a shoulder strap, which is really important to me because I tend to stuff my travel bags full.

My review of the Lo & Sons O.G. Bag = Big Winner.

I'll be using it while traveling and anytime I need to lug a bunch of stuff around.
Heels are ZARA, and probably gone by now. Rug is RugsUSA.

I saw these LOVE stamps at the Post Office, and later found out that typography artist Jessica Hische designed them. Might have to get a bunch for the holidays now because they are just that awesome.
Stationery is Kate Spade. Thanks dad.

Mmmmmm, Sprinkles. There's a marshmallow in this one.

Prior to leaving on a little blogger outing to the Early Mountain Winery on Thursday night, 
I observed Jamie & Tammy's unplanned outfit coordination.

Early Mountain Vineyards is gorgeous. 
Maybe I just haven't been out of the city in too long, 
because whoa, it was instantly relaxing being out there. 
They have delicious food and wine, a gorgeous view, and plenty of seating inside and out.
Guys, it's a great date night. Gals, a fun ladies night.

See more photos on my Instagram / megbiram


Ms. Cathy said...

Wow! What fun! I love that shoe bag idea and was hoping you would show the whole shoe. I hear you about getting out of the city. I've been itching to go camping or something and am sure it will bring many peaceful feelings. Have a happy rest of your weekend! Love your blog!

Cathy Trails

Vanessa said...

Love your vineyard outfit - and I SO need that bag with the shoe compartment! In London you pretty much have to wear flats getting to/from places, and I'm always carrying around extra bags just for my heels lol :-)

Vanessa x

Jess | the Jess Journals said...

I want the Lo & Sons OG bag so badly! haha Great photos! :)

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