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I can admit that I'm not the most seasoned makeup artist. I tend to find what works and just stick to that — for years. I'm also not the girl with boxes and drawers full of makeup. I hate buying things just to maybe like them, and I'm a little weirded out by trying on things at the store. Can't get over the germ-factor. I actually don't really wear a much makeup in general. However, with my site growing I'm doing more and more photo shoots so makeup does become an important part of my life and therefore I was thrilled at the opportunity to try out Smashbox's new primers.

After trying on the primers, I went about my regular day routine — applied concealer under my eyes, nose, and on any spots (I know, I don't wear foundation — I don't even own any!). A little swipe of mascara and blush and I was good to go for normal day.

The primers felt like nothing else I've ever put on my face. They made my skin so smooth. I can see how foundation would blend easily because my concealer was easier to put on.

Directions — moisturize, apply pea-size amount of Smashbox Primer, then apply foundation.

My three favorite primers were Photo Finish Hydrating, Photo Finish, and Photo Finish Luminizing.

This post is brought to you by Smashbox Cosmetics.


andrea nicole said...

i never wear foundation either! funny. been thinking about picking up one of these. your bare-faced before-and-after pics may have just convinced me to pick some up. thanks for testing out so many!

Jennie said...

Sadly, the older I get, the more primer I seem to need! I don't know how I lived without it.

JoHetzel said...

You have really clear skin, i'm jealous!http://www.ukhomeinteriors.co.uk/

Margaret said...

Smashbox's Camera Ready BB Creme is my fav :)

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