I've never done this before for this site, but I will be taking on some contributors when the new site launches! New site, what? Yep, MIMI+MEG is undergoing a rebrand and redesign right now! And here's a little secret... it's not going to be called MIMI+MEG anymore (I'll explain later). For any of you bloggers out there you know how big of an undertaking this is — switching platforms, new design... you know why I can't sleep. Don't panic, it will still be me, my aesthetic, and similar content — just way better. If you want the first look at the new site, sign up for my newsletter here. Details and how to submit after the jump.

Some details:
*Contributors will not necessarily post every week. Some will be biweekly or monthly (I know we are all busy)
*You do need to have quality photos that fit with the aesthetic around here (professionally done or you just happened to be a talented photographer)
*You don't necessarily have to be able to design the posts — I will still take that on for some people
*Contributors will be featured on a contributors page, with a photo and a link to their site + other perks
*I have ideas for the following topics, but also want to see if you have an idea too!
*I am looking for people who can commit for 6 months and will meet deadlines (with plenty of time to do so)
*I am also looking for local (DC) photographers that might be interested in shooting some things on a project-by-project basis — please email me your info, website & say DC PHOTOGRAPHER in the subject line

Topics/People I am looking for:
*Modern Florists
*Interior Designers
*Food & Drink
*Health & Fitness
*Beauty Buff
*Travel Lovers
*Organization, Technology & Gadgets

No, you don't have to have a blog to apply!
Don't see your category here but think you have a great idea that fits? Please submit it!

How to submit:
*Please submit your idea or work via email at meg@megbiram.com (my new email address) with the subject "CONTRIBUTOR SUBMISSION — Your name here"
*Please include a link to your blog or website (if you have one)
*Include 1-3 photos of your work (no more!), or a finished post idea — I need a visual people. (Please make sure photos are not a giant file size and remember — quality photos are important).
*Please name the post or column if you have an idea for one, and write it as you want to for the actual post

*Finalists will be notified by OCTOBER 12, 2012 by email
*I will not be able to respond to each submission, so please don't expect an "I have received your submission" email
*If you are not chosen as a contributor or finalist, the post or photos you submitted will not be used (unless we discuss otherwise), and you are free to use it as you please — but until then please don't publish it unless you are submitting content or photos from previous work (which is fine)


Jeanee said...

HOW EXCITING! Good luck on the redbrand :)

The Now said...

Very exciting news!!! I just re-did my blog and switched to a .com so I know how you are feeling. Can't wait to see what's in store! xo

The Now said...

Very exciting news!!! I just re-did my blog and switched to a .com so I know how you are feeling. Can't wait to see what's in store! xo

Jennie said...

I am so excited for you! As someone working on branding a new company now, it can be thrilling and also terrifying. Good luck!


ame said...

Oh neat! Just don't get rid of the GSD column, it's my FAVORITE.

shmorgan85 said...

Omg I just (as in yesterday) moved my blog as well so I FEEL YOUR PAIN...

I feel like I just gave birth and from dcfunemployment.tumblr.com-----> http://dcfunemployment.org has been born...

Good luck on you're rebirthing and I will definitely keep an eye out for your contributor search!!

Little Paper Trees said...

just sent off my email and submission idea! Fingers crossed. x

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