FASHION // Delightfully Chic Fall

Every time a new season comes around I do a closet assessment. I ask myself, what do I have from last year and what trends do I want to include this year?

Classics can always move forward, and some trends can turn into classics for a few years — chambray anyone? This year, I'm looking for some gorgeous printed blouses, comfy sweaters, and trend colors like cobalt, oxblood, and metallics. I'm heading to San Francisco next weekend to teach a #GSD Workshop and am going to have to hit up Chloe Rose Boutique. A girl after my own heart, the young fashion-obsessed entrepreneur Marissa, owner of Chloe Rose, has a well-edited selection of clothing, accessories and bags. 

One unfortunate trend I've seen lately with online shops is that they have too much stuff! Some may think, the more merchandise we have, the better. I usually disagree. I think it's better to have a personality, have an opinion, have a style. Edit your products for the shopper so they come to you for your aesthetic. Own it, and be known for it. Those are the shops I find myself coming back to. Even if a shop isn't my exact style, I appreciate and respect business owners that go for it, and always try to spread the word to people I think might like it.

Lucky for you, Chloe Rose has a little contest going on, the Delightfully Chic Style Contest. You can win a $500 shopping spree at Chloe Rose — ahem, she carries brands like Rebecca Minkoff... To enter, create a board on Pinterest named Delightfully Chic Fall, pin items that you think represent delightfully chic using hash tag #delightfullychic and include at least 3 Chloe Rose items by 10/30/12. The winner will be selected on 11/01/12 and will win a $500 gift card to Chloe Rose! If you want, tweet @ChloeRoseBoutiq and @megbiram and with #delightfullychic — we'd love to see what trends you want to wear this fall! See my delightfully chic board here.

Photos above via Chloe Rose, design by Meg Biram.
This post was sponsored by Chloe Rose, all opinions are my own.


Emily said...

I have to agree about the TOO much selection lately. I like a nice, clean, curated collection that I can browse quickly. Not every site needs to have the selection of Amazon!

Alison Dulaney said...

This is fabulous! I love those outfits!

Lexi said...

I definitely agree with the idea of a more edited aesthetic. And this edit is perfect ... especially those leopard loafers!
♡ Lexi @ Glitter, Inc.

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