HIGH POINT // Drexel Heritage + Thomasville + Hickory Chair

I just returned from High Point Market yesterday. Fun, inspiring, exhausting. I had an absolute blast walking around numerous showrooms with some blogger friends (check out their blogs in the next week for more High Point coverage: Cassie, Caitlin, JulieAnn, Katie, Stacey, Rhonda, and Franki). You can also scroll through the hashtag #hpmkt on instagram to see tons of photos from market.

The gals from Hable Construction returned this year with their amazing fabrics for Hickory Chair. They never fail to inspire with their cute room, complete with watercolors and a giant inspiration board (above).

Denise, one of the amazing designers at Drexel Heritage, took us around the showroom. Not only is she a talented designer but she does a great job styling. I was obsessed with all of the horn, feather, and paintbrush accents. The chair with the red grosgrain accent was a huge hit. It a piece of the collection by Alexa Hampton for Hickory Chair.

Ya think I brought too many shoes? I only wore three pairs the entire trip, so yes, I brought way too many. I had dreams of changing into heels for the evenings, but after walking around all day that was a giant NO.

Warm monochromatic office scene at Drexel Heritage. Don't freak, this zebra was not killed for the hide.

Another market hit, this upholstered armoire with nailheads is a marbled fabric (I die) by Hable for Hickory Chair, and whoa is it a showstopper.

Lots of texture, color and pattern in the showrooms this season.
Clockwise: Snakeskin upholstered chair at Drexel Heritage, watercolor fabric used in many ways at DH, interesting wood lamp base at Thomasville, bright turquoise lamp base at Thomasville, chevron pattern fabric at DH, pink and linen animal print fabric at DH, flattened bamboo tabletop at Thomasville, running dog fabric at Thomasville.

Photos by Meg Biram


Sam [The Peak of Tres Chic] said...

That office scene at Drexel Heritage! So rich and well styled. Love all your pics!

Evann said...

My mom is an interior designer in Charlotte and just attended this event, as well! Love the beautiful images.


asbarber said...

The upholstered armoire is amazing!

Toni said...

I work with Cisco brothers and we are wrapping up tomorrow! Totally amazing market! You should check us out next market! You will love it! Www.ciscobrothers.com

caviardreamsblog said...

That first pic is so what I've been drawn to this week: periwinkles, lavenders, florals, and dots!!!

Holly Foxen Wells of Glamour Mash said...

Wow! Sounds like a really fun day exploring all the gorgeous collections! I always over pack shoes too... super guilty of it!!!

Holly Foxen Wells

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