INTERIORS // Nickey Kehoe

Todd Nickey and Amy Kehoe merged in 2004 to create Nickey Kehoe, a design firm and a retail shop in Los Angeles. I love their aesthetic and curated products. This is one of their residential projects in Hollywood Hills. So comfy casual cool California, no?

Photos via Nickey Kehoe


Amberly D'Anna said...

I love these rooms! I'm a sucker for natural light and neutral shades! Love!


Heather Peterson said...

one of my favorites, EVER! So great to see it here rather than digging back through old Dominos. I always wonder if the Ruffalos still live here and if not, whether their new home is just as fab.


9to5couture said...

agreed... definitely casual cool. i absolutely love this aesthetic! thank you for sharing!

9to5couture said...

agreed... definitely casual cool. love this aesthetic as well! thank you for sharing!

How2home said...

Love Nickey's work. I agree with the previous comment, very casual cool. Totally my cup of tea! Great post.

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