Last Post on MIMI+MEG and The Launch of MegBiram.com

Well friends, this is my last post on MIMI+MEG. I will be launching my new site MegBiram.com TOMORROW! I'm so excited, as it feels like a milestone in my career and blog. After almost exactly five years of posting on MIMI+MEG, I am launching a new website and brand, a redesigned blog, switching publishing platforms, and MIMI+MEG will be no more. It was time for a change, update, refresh, growth, and evolution. 

So what does this mean for you?

to head directly to the blog, you can click on this link

and rebookmark it (I would be so grateful if you do!).

the new website is

What's the difference?

The new website is a home for my professional work: consulting, seminars, art, etc. The blog is on the main site, but you can just bookmark the blog to be directed there without going through the main site.

What if you read it on a feed?

For as long as FeedBurner is around, your feed should automatically update... it might be a little funny at first, but then it should be OK. If you follow in Bloglovin' I am going to be working on that update tomorrow as they have to do it in their system.

If you continue to come to mimiandmegblog.com it will automatically redirect you to my new site. So you won't miss a thing.

Thank you all so much for being readers of MIMI+MEG for the past five years. It has been such an amazing ride, and it will continue now over on Meg Biram — The Edit.

Please note, that if you comment on this post, it will disappear and not transfer over to the new site, but I'd love to hear your thoughts on twitter, facebook or on the Welcome post over on MegBiram.com tomorrow.

So long MIMI+MEG!

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