I (Megan, but called Meg by many) started MIMI+MEG in November of 2007 as a place to collect my visual inspiration. It has continued to evolve with bits of my life among posts featuring fashion, interiors, art, trends and more.

People often ask me, "Who is Mimi?" Mimi was my great grandmother, and is also what my mother goes by, so I named the blog after a family name that I adore, and my own name.

My love for art and fashion started at a young age. Growing up, I took as many art classes as I could find, and I collected magazines from a young age (do you remember Bop?). I ended up getting my bachelor's degree in journalism (specifically magazine) from the University of Missouri—Columbia, where my obsession with magazines piqued my interest into the interior world.

As an entrepreneur, artist, blogger, brand strategist, digital media consultant and Internet junkie, I am constantly scanning the web and print media for trends and bits of inspiring images and information.

I also have a soft spot for helping others figure out their passions and talents and help encourage them to get there. I have the privilege of doing this in many areas of my life, from family and friends to consulting with clients. See my rates here.


Fitness: CrossFit. Yoga. Biking.

Food: Unfortunately picky, yet very healthy. Love fruit. Juice my veggies. Little meat. Weakness for chocolate.

Drinks: Latte, green tea, greyhound (vodka & grapefruit juice), wine (not sweet), water with lemon, veggie juice, fresh fruit juice

Cookbook: Kim Barnouin's Skinny Bitch: Ultimate Everyday Cookbook

Relax: Beach or pool. Reading. Dinner & drinks with friends. Spa.

Books: Coffee table books. Biographies. Memoirs. Humor.

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