I offer consulting services for: AGENCIES, BUSINESSES, and BLOGGERS.

Are an agency trying to include bloggers for your clients marketing campaign? 
Are you starting or have a blog, online shop, service, store, or social media, but need some major help?

Are you asking yourself these questions:
I don't know how to market my client, blog, shop, online shop, or service.
How can I effectively get in touch with bloggers about my product, or for my client?
Do I even need Facebook and twitter?
How can I use social media effectively?
How can I grow my readership/drive traffic to my site?
I'm not sure that my blog looks as good as it can, what should I do?
I'm not great at coming up with ideas, can you help me?
How do I know what bloggers to try to contact?
What the heck is Pinterest, and how do I use it?

I can help.

E-mail me at meg@megbiram.com with the word CONSULT in the subject to set up an appointment and for rate information. Please provide the best e-mail address for me to send you PayPal invoice, and we'll get started.

See what some of my one-on-one consulting clients have said about their experience:

I set up a consultation with Meg a few months after I became a full-time freelance Illustrator. I wanted to make sure I was moving in the right direction and creating the right outward brand to grow my business. First off, Meg is so sweet and so helpful. My consultation with her was exactly what I needed to hear! She helped me to focus on the things I was doing right, recognize the parts that needed work, and give me ideas to market and expand in the future. We went through each piece of potential social media, easy changes I could do to my existing sites to make them that much more accessible, and even larger marketing ideas and focus for the future so my goals become more achievable. When the meeting was over I felt ready to push forward with new ideas and ways to use social media in a much more active and purposeful way. And the best advice she left me with when talking about my goals for the future "why not you?" It was so simple and so true, it's easy to get intimidated and unsure and she made me feel completely different! Thank you Meg!
— Michelle B.

It was a pleasure working with Meg! She really took the time to understand my business and social media presence, so her advice was specific and tailored to me which I greatly appreciated. Her advice is to the point and incredibly constructive. You will leave the meeting knowing exactly what steps you need to take to get your business to the next level. If you're looking for help with your business, Meg is the guru you're looking for! She knows her stuff and is incredibly personable. I look forward to continuing working with her.
— Bita D.

Consulting Meg during the development phase of our business blog was a smart move. Her insights, instruction and knowledge base are on-point with current the technology and social media trends. Having her feedback and suggestions was really priceless not just for the success of our project but also for my own personal inspiration. It really was an absolute pleasure.
— Dayamis

I first noticed Meg when she was featured in The Washington Post. I had been entertaining launching a fashion/lifestyle blog. I decided to take the plunge and set up an appointment with her after reading the article. It has been the best decision. She has been instrumental in the launch and I could not have done it without her. The design is beautiful and her expertise is invaluable.  She is very savvy at marketing and a joy to work with. I would highly recommend her and can say with confidence that she will help you meet your goals. Thanks Meg!

I consulted with Meg just after the launch of my small e-commerce venture to jump start public relations efforts with style savvy bloggers and other tastemakers. Her adivice and suggestions were extremely instrumental in the quick growth of my business. The site launched in May 2011 and by December our sales were well above initail projections to the point where I had to bring on four additional staff members to handle orders. We are still growing quickly and Meg has been with us every step of the way. Not only is she a great coach but also she is one of our biggest cheerleaders. In this crowded marketplace, having the ear of someone on the "inside" is invaluable.  

We were so pleased with our consultation with Meg. She went above and beyond our expectations. Her advice was honest, thoughtful and helpful; all while speaking in terms we could understand. It was clear she had researched our site and had a true  understanding of what we were all about.
— Debbie

Meg is knowledgeable, experienced, and fun—and her enthusiasm is contagious. She's got great ideas, both general and specific, for new bloggers. 

Megan greatly exceeded our expectations due to her capacity to analyze our business, translate our strengths and competitive weaknesses into doable action. We intend to continue our relationship.
— Barbara & Wayne S.

Meg is amazing. She answered a whole heap of questions I had about moving forward with my blog. She was knowledgeable and helpful and I hope to work with her again soon.
—Tracey C.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.
I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you. I would have paid $900 for your expertise!
I found your energy so inspiring. Your advice and suggestions: Priceless.
— Lisa S.

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