Ornament Obsession

I love this ornament. Of course it’s no longer available at Anthropologie, but I was able to snag the photo before that happened.

I have a white tree, and next year I’m changing up my theme. For the past few years it’s been Hollywood Glamour with black, deep magenta, deep teal and silver ornaments, but I’m itching to give my tree a new do.

This Missoni-esque ornament would have been the perfect inspiration for a new tree! I looked at our Anthro, and they were all gone.

Unless I find another ornament that inspires my tree’s new look next year, I think I’m going to go with metallic gold, copper & silver, (lots of gold) and neutral tans.

C is very happy that I passed down my little pink tree to my niece.

What are some of your favorite ornaments or tree themes?